current research


as part of the research training group “materials4brain” (Graduiertenkolleg 2154) at the University Hospital Kiel. My profession is engineering (semiconductors and nanotechnology) and my most recent scope of research covers the development of devices for the creation of novel MRI contrast agents (e.g. for cancer diagnostics). We use quantum physics to label metabolites and drugs. These contrast agents can give insights to e.g. a tumor’s location and its metabolism.

rapid prototyping

Development of fully-functional prototypes for medical research with modern manufacturing methods for as 3D printing (FDM, SLS) and lasercutting.

Learn more about the device shown here

electronics / software

Design and manufacturing of custom electronic circuits with schematics, PCB design, and SMD soldering. Moreover, software development in C++ on embedded systems.

MRI contrast agents

Performance of hyperpolarization experiments with metabolites and drugs using in-house technology. This includes project management, budgeting, data acquisition, data analysis and publication in peer-reviewed journals.

publications as part of the doctorate

in journals as, e.g., JACS, Analytical Chemistry, Nature Communications and more.

metrics of publications (as of 08.08.2023)

former research

Master of Science (M.Sc.)

(Materials Science and Engineering)

As part of my Master’s thesis, I established a process to successfully deposit electret layers with a modern technology (iCVD, initiated chemical vapor deposition). Electrets are the magic incredient in tiny mobile phone microphones – used by billions of devices daily.

Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.)


My Bachlor’s thesis covers functional surfaces with plasmonic nanoparticles deposited with PVD (physical vapor deposition).

My publication records can be found here: